How to Install Microsoft Teams on Linux

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In this current world of video conferencing and working from home, software like Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams has become increasingly important. As Linux users, we’re often limited to Zoom and Google Meet, since things like WebEx won’t work at all and other’s won’t work well. However, since Microsoft released Teams for Linux, there has been another option, one that enables more Linux users to use Linux in their workplaces without fear of not being able to attend meetings. We show you in this article how to install Microsoft Teams on Linux so you can get to work.

How to Install Microsoft Teams on Linux

There are two major ways to install Microsoft Teams on Linux. They’re for people who have different use cases, but it’s important to represent both.

The first way is to go to the Microsoft Teams Downloads page to find the appropriate package for your typically-targeted distro, whether that’s a .deb or a .rpm file. There’s also a package for Arch Linux in the AUR. These will run very well on your system, but you’ll have to adjust to the typical way that packages are updated for Linux: going to the website and grabbing the latest version.

The other way is through universal package formats, like Snap and Flatpak. These can be helpful because these packages are confined, so they won’t have too much access to your system, which can be helpful for telemetry purposes. This also allows distros that don’t use .rpm or .deb files or don’t have access to the AUR, like Solus or Clear Linux.

Installing Microsoft Teams on Linux

Through the Downloads Page

To install this way, go to the official Microsoft Teams Downloads page and click on “Download for desktop.”

Teams On Linux Downloads

Once you’re there, click the appropriate file for your distro. In my case, I’ll be downloading the .rpm file since I’m running Fedora on this system.

Teams On Linux Deb Or Rpm

Once the download completes, it will likely pop up in your software center of choice, but you can also install it with either the dpkg or the rpm command, depending on your system.

# Debian/Ubuntu
sudo dpkg --install PATH/TO/TEAMS/DEB/FILENAME.deb
# Fedora
Teams On Linux Rpm Command

Once you install the package, you can open it, sign in and begin using it.

As a Snap or Flatpak

To install as a Snap or Flatpak, make sure you have snapd or flatpak installed on your system. Most distros now have one or the other pre-installed.

Then, use one of the following commands to install the universal package:

# Snap
sudo snap install teams-insiders
# Flatpak
flatpak install flathub
Teams On Linux Flatpak Command

Click the icon in your app menu and sign in with your Teams account.

Teams On Linux Sign In Page

That’s it.

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