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Buying used PC parts can be a great way to save money when building a new PC or replacing a component that’s gone bad. It’s also a great way to grab obsolete parts for a passion project or find components that work with your existing motherboard. No matter why you’re shopping, this list of the best places to buy used PC parts will help you locate the necessary components.

Tip: decide whether you need an APU, CPU, or GPU for gaming before you start building a new PC.

1. eBay

eBay is one of the most popular online platforms for buying used electronics. Whether you’re building a gaming PC or a workstation, you can easily find current and older-gen hardware on eBay.

To shop for used PC parts on eBay, navigate to the “Electronics” category, select “Computer Components & Parts,” and choose “Used” or “Refurbished” from the filters. Then, search for a specific part and model name, or browse the many subcategories to find a good deal.

Best Places To Buy Used Pc Parts Ebay

When you look at listings, you will want to pay attention to the multiple payment options. Some items are listed as “Buy It Now” with a set price, whereas others are set up as auctions or classified listings where the prices aren’t fixed, but instead, bids and best offers are required. Shipping also depends on the seller, so it can be quick or delayed, and the shipping rates can vary wildly from listing to listing.

The best thing about eBay is the “Money Back Guarantee” that promises to refund your payment if the item differs from its description. This gives you peace of mind to buy from any seller on the platform.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a classifieds platform hosted on the popular social networking website. Similar to eBay, you can find hundreds of listings for PC components. The difference lies in your limited geographic reach when searching for listings. But due to the same limitation, you’re likely to find better prices from sellers.

To shop used PC parts on Facebook Marketplace, select “Electronics -> Computers” from the list of categories, and tick the “Used” checkboxes under “Condition.” You can also use the search bar on the top left for specific parts or items. Most items have a listed price, but you must contact the seller through Messenger to arrange an in-person meetup or shipping. Also, instead of making payments to a third party, payment is made in a manner agreeable to both parties.

Best Places To Buy Used Pc Parts Facebook Marketplace

Although buyer protection exists in some locations if you transact onsite through Meta Pay (formerly Facebook Pay), the seller may not be willing to use it. Therefore, the onus lies on you as the buyer to make sure the component you’re buying is in working condition before you transfer funds to the seller.

Also helpful: take these considerations for building a gaming PC into account before you begin buying used parts.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist has been around since the 1990s and is a popular platform for PC builders to shop for used components. The site may feel barebones and slightly difficult to use compared to others on this list, but it does the job.

As with Facebook Marketplace, you can narrow the distance of listings so that you’re only searching for parts in your geographic location. This makes it easier to meet up with someone and inspect the parts before you purchase.

Best Places To Buy Used Pc Parts Craigslist

To shop on Craigslist, go to the homepage, then look for the “Computer Parts” category in the “For Sale” section. You can filter results based on the item condition (from “like new” to “salvage”), price range, and several other options. However, unlike other online resale sites, you can only communicate with people on Craigslist through your personal email to strike a deal and arrange a meeting.

The selection on Craigslist is less than other platforms, and the platform offers no buyer protection.

4. Amazon

You may not know it, but you can shop for used PC parts directly on Amazon. The biggest advantage of Amazon is the sheer breadth of PC components. The added trust of shopping from Amazon also applies to used parts.

Head to “Electronics -> Computer Components,” select the “Used” filter from the left, then start browsing the listings until you find one you like. Suppose you want a graphics card and are looking for a bargain. You can search for the model you want, and on the product page of the card, click the “New & Used” section to choose from the available retailers. Proceed with the transaction using the regular order flow you follow on Amazon.

Best Places To Buy Used Pc Parts Amazon

Amazon also deals in refurbished products. You’ll likely find free shipping on almost every listing, and returns and replacements work seamlessly.

Good to know: an Amazon Prime subscription can provide many benefits, even when shopping for used PC parts.

5. Newegg

Newegg is another renowned e-tailer in the PC parts industry. The site boasts a highly diverse collection of PC parts, especially if you’re buying a new case, motherboard, or storage – there are around 100 pages for these subcategories alone.

To browse Newegg, select a sub-category from the “Components & Storage” category, and start shopping. Select the “Used” filter on the left to see only used products, but “Refurbished” and “Open Box” items are offered as well.

Best Places To Buy Used Pc Parts Newegg

Although Newegg sells used PC parts, it’s often hard to find decently discounted products. You should consider Newegg only for “open box” parts, where you can grab a decent discount compared to buying completely new. The shipping time for used products on Newegg is at least a week, which is not as fast as other online retailers.

6. Micro Center

Micro Center is the quintessential PC parts superstore, whether you’re shopping online or at a brick-and-mortar store. Although the online collection is severely limited compared to the massive store inventory, you can still find great prices on new and open-box parts.

Choose the part category from the “PC Parts” drop-down on the home page. You’ll have more luck finding “available to ship” products in categories other than CPUs, graphics cards, and motherboards. Those three categories will only have single-digit products online.

Best Places To Buy Used Pc Parts Micro Center

You’re unlikely to find any open-box products in any of the categories unless you choose a store in the section next to the search bar. The Micro Center store should be one of the top choices, but it may not offer the same selection as other options.

Tip: before you buy a new GPU, make sure you try these tips when your graphics card isn’t working.

7. PC Swaps

PC Swaps is a community website for buyers and sellers to deal in used PC parts. With every PC part, from CPUs and GPUs to power supplies and peripherals, PC Swaps tries to organize the chaotic used PC market. The platform works similarly to eBay but charges less than the sellers, which helps keep prices lower and more appealing for both buyers and sellers.

To shop PC Swaps, select the product category you’re looking for, or use the search function to locate items. Once you find something you’re interested in, purchase it, and wait for it to be shipped within seven days. Sellers receive their money from the website once it confirms that you’re satisfied with the product (within three days).

Best Places To Buy Used Pc Parts Pc Swaps

The product collection on PC Swaps is sparse at best. You’d be hard-pressed to find more than ten products listed under any category. This could be due to the low awareness of the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which used PC parts are available?

You can technically “go used” for every PC part and hope to luck out on every single deal. But if you’re a savvy buyer, there are some parts you should never buy used, such as the power supply, motherboard, and storage drives. Components like CPU, graphics card, RAM, case, and other accessories and peripherals can be bought and used confidently, as long as you can verify that they’re in working condition and, ideally, covered under warranty.

Is it safe to buy refurbished PC parts from Amazon and Newegg?

“Amazon Renewed” and Newegg refurbished parts are mostly safe to buy, as you get a decent return period and vendor warranty on most of them. Plus, there are worthwhile savings to be had. Open box and refurbished parts are tested and certified as working, and Amazon and Newegg make every attempt to supply the original accessories and packaging of the product.

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