13 of the Best Free Notion Templates

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Notion is a free management tool that allows you to organize personal and professional projects efficiently. With distinct pages for individuals, business owners, freelancers, and others, you can get a jumpstart on most any type of task with free and customizable Notion templates.

1. Aesthetic Home Dashboard

The Aesthetic Home Dashboard is a template that compiles various pages for organizing calendar events, to-do lists, daily routines, tarot card databases, and horoscopes, among others.

Aesthetic Home Dashboard free Notion template

It features a documentation block with pages for Weekend Plans, Shows and Movies, and Daily Routines, allowing users to stay updated on their queue of movies and keep track of watched movies.

Other notable features include a music playlist that streams directly from Spotify so that you can link your favorite playlist to your dashboard. It also has a to-do list that differentiates completed tasks from unfinished tasks, a wishlist, and a calendar to view upcoming events.

2. Notion Library

The Notion Library allows you to save and organize your favorite books, adding descriptions and summaries.

Notion Templates Notion Library

Users can sort their books by status, genre, or language and rate completed books. The Notion Library template features a dictionary for vocabulary development, especially for users with books in other languages.

Notion Templates Notion Library 2

3. Work Week – To Do Lists for Work

The Work Week – To Do Lists for Work template improves your productivity by enabling you to sort your various activities into separate sections.

Notion Templates Work Week

This easy-to-navigate template groups daily and weekly tasks by category, priority, deadline, effort, and status. It provides a section for tasks that are delayed or deprioritized.

4. Simple Budget

Keeping track of your bills and other expenses is easy with the Simple Budget template from Notion. Add your monthly budget total, list your expenses with their amounts, and use categories to see how much money goes where.

Simple Budget free Notion template

You can view all expenses, group them by month or category, or filter them by type, like Food and Entertainment. These various views give you a clear way to see if you’re overspending in a particular area.

5. Student Hub Notion Template

Whether you’re a virtual student or enrolled in a college or university, the Student Hub Notion Template will keep you organized. This template allows you to take note of important deadlines, meetings, assignments, and projects.

Notion Templates Student Hub

The Student Hub Notion template also groups your work into cycles, subjects, and tasks, allowing you to set reminders for task deadlines on a calendar. It also has features that enable you to add sticky notes and motivational messages to cheer you on in your learning journey.

6. Daily Planner

If you have a busy schedule with work, school, clubs, workouts, and other activities, you can keep track of it all with the Daily Planner template. Add your items by the hour, and see your entire day at a glance.

Daily Planner free Notion template

You can also add highlights, tasks, habits, and goals in handy spots along the right side. Then, mark off these items as you complete them. For a convenient way to plan each day, while still keeping an eye on extras you want to accomplish, this Notion template is ideal.

7. Media Tracker

Media Tracker allows you to track film series, books, podcasts, and all other media types you can think of.

Notion Templates Media Tracker

With the use of tags like “finished,” “next,” “listening,” and a “Notes” feature for jotting down important details, the Media Tracker template proves an excellent tool for managing and documenting the media you consume.

8. Content Engine

The Content Engine allows you to plan, organize, and manage your collated content ideas. Individuals and teams can use this template to write down their notes, and work them up to the point of execution in an organized process.

Notion Templates Content Engine

The template allows you to differentiate content for various platforms and tag ideas that are approved, in progress, reviewed, or completed. You can also organize your items by deadline, assignee, or status.

9. My Calendar

Maybe you need to go further than planning one day at a time. With the My Calendar template, you can see all activities for the current month, then plan additional events in advance.

My Calendar free Notion template

Use the “Need to Schedule” view to add all appointments, meetings, activities, and other commitments. Once you give them dates, they’ll appear in the “Monthly Calendar” view. You also have a place for “All Activities” to track everything on your list.

10. The Ultimate To-Do List

When you have tasks for work, home, school, and more, The Ultimate To-Do List template helps you log it all. You have sections for Daily, School, Personal, and Large tasks, but you can customize these any way you would like to fit your needs.

Ultimate To-do List free Notion template

If you like the Kanban method of task management, the template provides you with board views in addition to tables for quickly seeing and moving tasks to completion. You can also include a priority, effort, and status for each to-do as well as add parent tasks and sub-tasks. Keep all of your tasks on track with this easy-to-use Notion template.

11. Gift Wishlist

Do you like to record and monitor what you want to buy? This Gift Wishlist template lets you add the store, price, photos, and priority purchases. When you need a little motivation to buy something on your list or want to share your wishlist with others around the holidays, this template makes it easy.

Gift Wishlist free Notion template

With over a dozen categories, you can include most any item you plan to purchase. Then, view your wishlist by category, name, brand, or price. You can even sort your items from lowest to highest price to see more affordable items first.

12. Workout Tracker

When it comes to fitness tracking, Notion can be a huge help with this Workout Tracker template. Not only can you pop your workouts on the calendar, but go even further with exercises for specific muscle groups.

Workout Tracker free Notion template

Use the presets and include notes or add your own exercises. Then, view the history table showing the exercise, muscle group, number of sets and reps, and weight. If you’re serious about tracking your workouts and routines, you can’t go wrong with this free template.

13. Vocabulary

Learning a new language or trying to expand the vocabulary in your current dialect? With the Vocabulary template, you can add words with their definitions, synonyms, and sample sentences for a complete study dictionary.

Vocabulary free Notion template

The template gives you views to see your words by parts of speech, which is handy for a specific concentration. You can also use the checkboxes to mark reviews of the word and stay up to date with the calendar. Language learning or vocabulary enhancement is more effective when you keep track, and this template has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download the Notion templates?

It depends on the site you’re using, but typically, you won’t. Some will only require you to duplicate the template to add it to your Notion workspace. On Prototion, you simply need to press the “Download” button to load the free templates in Notion. No actual downloads are involved.

Can you sell your own Notion templates?

Yes. To start creating a new template, go to a new page, press / on your keyboard, and scroll down the drop-down menu to select the “Template” button. Name and customize the page as you see fit. Once done, select “Close” in the top-right corner. Submit your template to sites like Prototion, and start monetizing it from there. You will earn money every time someone uses it, unless you choose to offer it for free.

How can I find Notion templates?

Notion users can find templates in Notion’s official template gallery or on sites like Prototion and Notion Everything, and from certified Notion consultants, like aNotioneer and TheNotionBar.

Are Notion templates available on mobile phones?

Yes. The Notion app is available on Android and iOS, and templates can be duplicated to your Notion page and edited on your mobile phone.

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Sandy Writtenhouse

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