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Adobe is known for its software suite and web applications that let people create, view, and edit files of various formats. Adobe Acrobat is by far the most popular program. It’s how people view, create, manipulate, print, and manage Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

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PDF files are the best way to share documents securely and universally. However, using Adobe Acrobat can be a drag, especially when you try to click through various menu options to accomplish your desired goals. But, with this list of common keyboard shortcuts, you can navigate Adobe Acrobat, edit PDF files, and even use Acrobat’s built-in accessibility features.

General Navigation
Alt + F4Opens the Hamburger Menu (Windows only).
Shift + F8Shift + F8Navigate the other controls in the top bar (Home, Tools, Document).
Right/Left ArrowRight/Left ArrowNavigate through the other controls in the top bar (Home, Tools, Document).
EnterReturnSelect a highlighted control in the top bar.
Ctrl + TabControl + TabMove to the next open document tab when multiple documents are open in the same window.
Ctrl + Shift + TabControl + Shift + TabMove to the previous open document tab when multiple documents are open in the same window.
Ctrl + F6Cmd + F6Move to the next open document window when the focus is on the document pane.
Ctrl + Shift + F6Cmd + Shift + F6Move to the previous open document window when the focus is on the document pane.
Ctrl + F4Cmd + F4Close the current document.
TabTabMove the focus to the next comment, link, or form field in the document pane.
Shift + TabShift + TabMove the focus to the document pane’s previous comment, link, or form field.
F5F5Move the focus to the Document pane.
SpacebarSpacebarActivate the selected tool, item (such as a movie clip or bookmark), or command.
EscEscReturn to the Hand tool or Select tool.
Ctrl + FCmd + FOpen “Find in Document” search.
F3Cmd + GMove to the next search result and highlight it in the document.
Shift + F3Shift + Cmd + GMove to the previous search result and highlight it in the document.
Navigating a PDF
Page Up
or Shift + Enter
Page Up or Shift + ReturnMove to the previous screen.
Page Down
or Enter
Page Down
or Return
Move to the next screen.
Home or Shift + Ctrl + Page UpHome or Shift + Cmd + Up ArrowGo to the first page.
End or Shift + Ctrl + Page DownEnd or Shift + Cmd + Down ArrowGo to the last page.
Left ArrowLeft ArrowMove to the previous page.
Right ArrowRight ArrowMove to the next page.
Ctrl + F6Cmd + F6Go to the next open document.
Shift + Ctrl + F6Shift + Cmd + F6Go to next open document.
Up ArrowUp ArrowScroll up.
Down ArrowDown ArrowScroll down.
Ctrl + Equal (=)Cmd + Equal (=)Zoom in.
Ctrl + Hypen (-)Cmd + Hypen (-)Zoom out.
Selecting Tools
HHEnable Hand Tool.
SpacebarSpacebarTemporarily select the Hand Tool.
VVEnable Select Tool.
ZZEnable the Marquee Zoom Tool.
Shift + ZShift + ZCycle through zoom tools (Marquee Zoom, Dynamic Zoom, Loupe).
RRSelect Object tool.
AAEnter/Exit Forms editing.
CCEnable Crop Tool.
LLEnable Link Tool.
TTOpen the Edit Document Text tool.
Shift + FShift + FCycle through tools in forms authoring mode (Text Field, Check Box, Radio Button, List Box, Dropdown Box, Button, Digital Signature, Barcode).
Shift + Ctrl + TShift + Cmd + TOpen Insert Blank Pages tool.
Ctrl + Shift + ICmd + Shift + IInsert files.
Ctrl + Shift + DCmd + Shift + DDelete pages.
Comments (Sticky Note Tool)
EEUse the currently selected highlighting tool.
KKOpen Stamp tool.
UUUse currently selected highlighting tool.
Shift + UCycle through all highlighting tools (Highlighter, Underline Text, Cross Out Text).
DDUse the current drawing markup tool.
Shift + DCycle through drawing markup tools (Cloud, Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Oval, Polygon Line, Polygon, Pencil Tool, Eraser Tool).
QAccess Cloud tool.
XXOpen the Text Box tool.
JJUse the currently selected Stamp or Attach tool.
Shift + JShift + JCycle through Stamp, Attach File, Record Audio Comment tools.
TabTabMove focus to the next comment or form field.
Shift + TabShift + TabMove focus to the previous comment or form field.
Shift + KShift + KAdd a checkmark in the Comments List for the selected comment.
EnterReturnReply to the comment in the Comments List, that has the focus.
RRReply to the comment in the Comments List that has the focus.
EscEscClose or exit pop-up (or text field in the Comments List) for comment that has the focus.
F2F2Edit Tag
Shift + Ctrl + 5Shift + Cmd + 5Change reading settings for the current document.
Ctrl + 4Cmnd + 4Reflow a tagged PDF, and return to unreflowed view.
Shift + Ctrl + YShift + Cmd + YActivate and deactivate Read Out Loud.
Shift + Ctrl + VShift + Cmd + VRead only the current page out loud.
Shift + Ctrl + BShift + Cmd + BRead out loud from the current page to the end of the document.
Shift + Ctrl + CShift + Cmd + CPause reading out loud.
Shift + Ctrl + EShift + Cmd + EStop reading out loud.

Image credit: Canva. Alterations made by Megan Glosson.

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