5 Amazing Web Apps Based on ChatGPT

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ChatGPT may look amazing with everything it can do, but there’s more to it than just an overly-sophisticated chatbot. With various ChatGPT-based web apps all over the internet, you can make ChatGPT do what you want it to do with a little less prompting and a little more imagining.

And if you have a Mac computer, we also have a list of the best ChatGPT desktop apps for macOS.

1. ChefGPT – Personalized AI Recipe Maker

Price: Free / Pro: $2.99 per month

ChefGPT is a cooking AI that suggests recipes based on what ingredients you have on hand. It has a UI that lets you pick what kinds of cooking utensils you have and list down all your pantry’s contents. Plus, it can take into account how much time you have to cook and how good you are as a cook.

Chefgpt Xyz Recipe Generator Chatgpt Alternative Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe Screenshot

With the Pro version, you have access to different modes, each prioritizing something you think might be important. One could be dish pairs, giving you recipes for dishes that complement each other. Or you could go with macro-focused meals that tell you just about how much fats, carbs, and proteins your recipe has.

Do you know: Opera is the first browser to integrate ChatGPT into the browser?

2. Phind – AI Search Engine Chatbot

Price: Free

Phind lets you have some of ChatGPT’s conversational skills while giving it internet access to search things all over the internet. It uses that to generate a report based on the top Google search results. While it’s primarily marketed to software and computer developers, you can use Phind for practically any topic, as long as it’s searchable.

Phind Com Basic Search Screenshot

It also has a GPT-4-powered model which makes for an even more detailed search report. However, you can only use this up to 30 times for every 6 hours. You can make the most out of this by starting your search with the normal model before toggling “Use Best Model” to handle the hard-to-understand stuff.

3. Fable Fiesta – AI Story Generator

Pricing: $15 (20 000 AI words) / $30 (45 000 AI words) / $150 (250 000 AI words)

Fable Fiesta generates stories with a prompt. It takes in your character designs and world-building to weave them all into one story. In fact, it can also generate the characters and world for you as long as you give it a prompt to work with.

Fable Fiesta Character Builder Screenshot

Fable Fiesta works best when you make your own designs for both the story world and the characters. While you can make it write the details for you, these can sometimes conflict with each other. Even better, you can write your details in a way that can fit in with characters for other stories. That’s because Fable Fiesta doesn’t assign your characters to their own worlds. You would have to do it yourself while generating a new story.

Tip: Google Bard is an alternative to ChatGPT. Here is how you can use Bard.

4. TypingMind – Enhanced GPT UI

Pricing: Free / $39 (Standard) / $59 (Extended) / $79 (Premium)

TypingMind gives you a better UI than the regular ChatGPT interface. It lets you save in folders and apply a mark on your favorite conversations. Plus, it has a free library of user-made prompts that have been written to do a specific task.

Typingmind Openai Gpt 3 5 Chatgpt Ui Web App Screenshot

With a paid subscription, it even gives you text-to-speech, plugins manager, as well as other features that might be difficult to use with the normal UI. However, you do need to use a paid OpenAI API key to make it work. The payment for that goes on top of the single-payment license key to use TypingMind’s premium features.

5. Perplexity – AI Math Tutor

Pricing: Free / $20 per month (Pro) / $200 per year (Pro)

Perplexity can solve mathematical problems thanks to its integration with Wolfram Alpha. While it can still make mistakes and get figures wrong, this web app still gets answers close enough to be usable. It can even give steps from Wolfram Alpha to help you follow the solution. Plus, you can converse with it like ChatGPT, letting you clarify things you think are too hard to understand.

Perplexity Ai How To Find Mean Screenshot

Perplexity can also search for information in other resources that you specify for it. Unlike Phind which uses all of Google’s top search results to generate a search report, you can make Perplexity focus on academic papers, Wikipedia, or even just YouTube for its sources. This helps you refine your sources further to better fit the topic at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my OpenAI API key?

To use ChatGPT-based web apps that need API keys, you will need to generate one by going to the OpenAI API Keys page. Your API keys are only ever shown once during key generation, so it is important for you to store them in a safe place.

Can I use my ChatGPT API key to access web apps designed for GPT-3 and GPT-4?

Your OpenAI API key can be used for any GPT model. However, some web apps like TypingMind require a paid API key, which won’t let you use any model at all unless you subscribe to a paid account.

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