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Twitter remains the big dog of condensed public conversation. The all-powerful platform is the closest thing we have to a speakers’ square in the digital era. But many people are increasingly frustrated by Twitter and looking for alternatives. The search has only increased, with Elon Musk and Twitter executives making changes, including limitations to how much you can view in a single day.

So why not jump ship, abandon Twitter altogether, and find a social platform that’s more aligned with you? There are some great Twitter alternatives, and we’ve picked out the best of them.

Tip: before you stop tweeting, make sure you delete everything from Twitter.

1. Threads

Platform: iOS | Android

On June 5, 2023, Meta (the proud owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) launched Threads, a Twitter alternative built by the Instagram team. Instead of sharing images with captions, Threads lets you share your real-time thoughts or start public conversations about subjects that matter to you.

Twitter Alternatives Threads

Signing up is easy, especially if you already have an Instagram account. Download the Threads app, and it will automatically pick up on your Instagram account (assuming you have one). Just as with any other social media app, you can follow friends, family, brands, and celebrities. You can also search for users with the app’s search function, or get a link to your profile to share with people you want to follow you. You can also make your profile public (meaning anyone can view your Threads) or private.

Search in Threads

Each post on Threads can contain up to 500 characters. Add links, images, and video clips under five minutes long to your post, reply and lengthen someone else’s “Thread,” repost things from others, or share your Threads post on other platforms. However, you can’t access Threads from your computer at this time, as it’s only available for Android and iOS.


Platform: iOS

If you’re looking for “a visual conversation moving at the speed of culture,” then check out SPILL. It was designed as an alternative to Twitter to share your thoughts through text, images, GIFs, and video clips, much like its predecessor and competition.

Twitter Alternatives Spill

Twitter regulars will recognize many similarities between both apps. For example, users can view “Fresh Tea” (trending content similar to the “For You” section on Twitter) and “My Brew” (like the “Following” feed). Your posts are called a “spill.”

SPILL is still in beta testing, with a limit placed on how many users can join right now. The app is currently only available for iOS, although an Android version is in development.

Also helpful: these Facebook alternatives can help you cut the cord with Meta.

3. Mastodon

Platform: Web | iOS | Android

Probably the most popular Twitter alternative currently available, Mastodon is an open-source microblogging platform filled with ‘toots’ instead of tweets. See what they did there?

Twitter Alternatives Mastodon

Instead of being centrally hosted, Mastodon uses individual “instances” created by users, allowing you to join various instances, each with its own rules, policies, and code of conduct. Mastodon lets you find communities whose principles of online conduct you most agree with. This way, you get to engage with the types of people you want to, rather than expose yourself to the whole world.

Toots are a bit longer than tweets, with 500-character limits, as opposed to Twitter’s 280. Unlike most other mainstream social media apps, Mastodon operates with no ads, no trackers, and no algorithms. Your timeline only shows posts from people you follow in chronological order.

4. Gab

Platform: Web

Sitting on the opposite end of the political spectrum, Gab has built up a reputation as a haven for conservatives, libertarians, and other traditionally right-leaning folk. The principle here is free speech above all, which inevitably means much more unmoderated and virile content. Gab is also where you’ll find several high-profile people who were banned from Twitter, including the infamous Alex Jones.

Twitter Alternatives Gab

This platform lets users post “gabs” of 300 characters or fewer. These posts can also include images or videos. Users can like, comment, repost, quote, or share posts from others. The app also adds some fun features, like polls and a marketplace, and includes “Feeds,” which break the content down based on the name of the feed (e.g., “memes” or “Pastors on Gab”).

Unlike most mainstream social media apps, though, Gab doesn’t moderate the content that’s posted. There isn’t any fact-checking, censoring for hate speech, or community guidelines to uphold. Gab also has a pro-subscription tier and its own web browser extension, “Dissenter,” that creates its own commenting system.

Good to know: regardless of the platform you use, you need to secure your social media accounts.

5. Bluesky

Platform: Waitlist

Bluesky is the newest venture for former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and it’s a Twitter alternative that very closely resembles the original. In fact, it includes many of the same features, likely because Dorsey began developing it as a side project for Twitter in 2019.

Twitter Alternatives Bluesky App

On Bluesky, users can post short text and photo updates, reply to each other and share users’ posts. You can search for people and follow them, and posts from anyone you follow will show up in your “Home” timeline. If you want to see what’s trending, you can move to the “What’s Hot” timeline instead. Profiles look very similar to Twitter, and, just like its predecessor, profile feeds include two sections: posts and posts + replies.

Like SPILL, this Twitter alternative is still in development, and you must join the waitlist to get a code.

6. Post.News

Platform: Web | iOS

If you primarily use Twitter to keep tabs on trending news, then Post.News may be your best alternative to Twitter. It’s known as “the social platform built for news” and offers journalism pieces and text-based opinions without subscriptions or ads.

Post News App

Besides the focus on the news, the Post.News platform looks very similar to Twitter. From your homepage, you can check out feeds in the categories of Following, Explore (trending content), News, and others. You can also search for posts, follow topics (hashtags), and make your own posts.

Unfortunately, many premium publications on Post.News do require micropayments to access individual articles. Also, Post.News is only available on iOS at this time. There isn’t an Android app, and accessing it via the Web is glitchy at best.

Tip: make sure you know what you’re getting into before you sign up for Threads or any other Twitter alternative.

7. Spoutible

Platform: Web | Android

Have you ever wished Twitter came with different animal themes than a bird? With Spoutible, you essentially get everything Twitter has to offer, except the “mascot” of the app is a whale. You can access the platform through the Android mobile app or the Web.

Twitter Alternatives Spoutible

On Spoutible, you can “spout off” in a post of 300 characters or fewer. You can also add images, GIFs, short video clips, or polls. From your timeline, you can view content from people you follow, use the Explore feature to find new content, or check out the “waves” (trending content). Sharing other people’s posts is also allowed (called an Echo), as are direct messages.

However, there are some clear differences between Spoutible and Twitter, all of which are intentional. First and foremost, Spoutible advertises itself as a social media platform, where people can “engage without fear.” It strictly prohibits harassment, misinformation, and any form of discrimination. Spoutible doesn’t use an algorithm to curate content, so what shows up in your feed is completely controlled by who you follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Twitter different from other social media platforms?

Twitter offers many benefits over other mainstream social media platforms because of how it operates. Twitter’s search functionality is far more sophisticated than other apps, and it’s far easier to share links and reshare other posts.

Why are people leaving Twitter?

Twitter has undergone many changes since Elon Musk took over the platform in October 2022. Many people are leaving because of new limitations on how many posts users can read per day, the increasing amount of hate speech, and new requirements of monthly payments to obtain a verified account.

What's the most popular Twitter alternative?

Meta’s Twitter alternative, Threads, has had the fastest rate of growth of any Twitter alternative that has launched in recent years. Other alternatives to Twitter with large user bases include Mastodon and Post.News, although other platforms are quickly gaining users.

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