File Lines Manipulator Review: Stress-Free Text Modification

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  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Many options to modify text
  • Allows you to scan files in bulk or singularly


  • Results can be inaccurate

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8 / 10

Whether you’re a student, teacher, professional, or casual user, the need to organize, modify and manipulate files is a common occurrence. While you can perform these tasks manually, it eats up a lot of valuable time. To solve this, you may be interested in getting a program specifically designed for file manipulation, like File Lines Manipulator. With this tool, tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming and repetitive can be automated or completed with just a few clicks. A file manipulator program also reduces the chances of error. We had the chance to test File Lines Manipulator during our review to see how well it worked.

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Getting Started with File Lines Manipulator

File Lines Manipulator is a lightweight utility (eats up less than 50MB of memory) that installs on your system within minutes. It’s available for Windows 11/10/8/7.

The program features a simple interface that makes it easy to get started with file manipulation. As a newcomer, you won’t feel drowned by a sea of features, which is great if you want to get straight down to business. If you’re curious to see what this program can do for you, continue reading.

File Lines Manipulator in Action

File Lines Manipulator allows you to scan folders, single files, and text. The first option will scan folders, as well as subfolders, and quickly modify lines of all the files it finds (provided they are .TXT, .CVS or .LOG), according to a specified parameter.

Adding folder or file options in File Lines Manipulator utility.

When it comes to uploading single files for modification, the tool only supports the (.TXT) format. If you wish to manipulate (.DOCX) or (.DOC) files, you’ll need to opt for the “Scan text” option, which enables you to copy and paste the text into the program. Alternatively, you can try converting the Word document into a (.TXT) file first, then uploading it to the utility.

Once you’ve added the folder(s) or file(s) that you wish to scan, you will need to select an action by pressing the “Actions” button at the top.

Modify Text Easily

File Lines Manipulator offers you various options when it comes to text manipulation. For instance, one of the most useful is “Remove duplicate lines.” You’ll also find options to:

"Actions" view in File Lines Manipulator utility.
  • Sort lines alphabetically
  • Add suffix/prefix to each line
  • Remove empty lines
  • Make all lines uppercase/lowercase
  • Capitalize the first letter of all words
  • Replace text
  • Sort IPv4 lists

These operations can be especially useful when working with large text files, log files, configuration files, lists of products, or data files where precise manipulation of lines is a strict requirement. For example, you could use this program to analyze and modify a source code, replacing a piece of code with another. Alternatively, if you have a huge product list on your hands and want to make sure there are no duplicates, File Lines Manipulator can easily remove them.

Browse through the alternatives, select your preferred one, then press “OK.” If you’re scanning a folder, don’t forget to add the “File Masks” (you can add multiple) as well.

Scan button in File Lines Manipulator utility.

You can also click on “Filters” for some additional settings. For instance, you can opt for the “Recursive scan sub-folders” option to allow the program to scan the source directory, as well as the files in the selected subfolders.

Clicking "Functions" button in File Lines Manipulator app.

It’s possible to instruct the program to skip files of a certain size or system files. Finally, the utility can create backup (.BAK) files so that you can have access to the original material later on.

The Results Are In

We were pleasantly impressed by how fast the program does its job. In a matter of seconds, File Lines Manipulator modified a folder containing 20 (.TXT) files. The results were saved on top of the original files, but the program also created (.BAK) files for each original file that contained the original text, as instructed. These were created and placed in the same folder.

File Lines Manipulator in action.

In our testing, the “Sort lines alphabetically” option proved a bit buggy, adding unwanted space at the top of the individual file we experimented with (which contained hefty text paragraphs). Sorting alphabetically didn’t prove to be correct in some instances either.

As for the other actions, they all worked well in our testing and proved as efficient as possible both in the folder and individual file scenarios.

If you’ve opted to copy/paste the text using the “Scan text” option, the results will be displayed in the box below the “Start” button. Easily copy the results by clicking “Clipboard” or by opting for an “Export.” You can save the text in .TXT or .LOG format.

Manipulating plain text in File Lines Manipulator.

File Lines Manipulator Pricing

File Lines Manipulator is a freemium program that offers a 30-day trial. You won’t be asked for your credit card information to enroll, so just head to the official site, and download the tool to your PC. Once the trial is over, you will need to sign up with a subscription to continue using the tool. There are two options available:

  • Personal: $19.99/year
  • Business: $44.99/year

Both plans include one device and also offer access to the other apps offered by Appsvoid, but discounts apply for those adding two or more devices to the bundle. The period of time covered by a subscription is generous, so if you routinely work with large data files, you may want to think about investing in this tool.

Final Thoughts

We loved the fact that File Lines Manipulator brings numerous benefits over manual manipulation, due to its time-saving abilities, reduced risk of error, and improved efficiency when handling large volumes of files. While the tool sometimes produces less-than-perfect results, these errors can easily be edited out as one quickly reviews the output. With a free and straightforward trial available, you can experiment with the software for a whole month before making your choice on whether to spend money on the subscription.

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